Personalized Greeting Cards

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At Printzware, we are guided by the philosophy that every gift is completed with a card, and the joy of receiving a personalized greeting card is unmatched. Our solution is designed to bring that personal touch to every gift, making occasions even more special.

A transparent remittance solution to reach 170+ countries using over 100 currencies

A Unified Platform for Personalized Greeting Cards

Our streamlined, plug-and-play platform offers personalized greeting card services for both online and in-store applications. It's designed for effortless integration into your website or as a standalone in-store kiosk solution.

Airtime top-ups

Data bundles top-ups

Gift Cards

Utility payments

Flexible, safe global remittances

Be able to connect the unconnected through Reloadly's inclusive network coverage.

Earn with discounts and transparent FX rates

Manage wholesale discounts for 800+ mobile operators with transparent foreign exchange rates in over 100 currencies.

One dashboard. Everything under control

Keep track of all your commissions, sales, and transaction volumes. All on a personalized dashboard.

Send cross-border digital value in 5 seconds

At Reloadly, safety comes first.

Secure your Reloadly account with 2 Factor Authentication

Whitelist service: protect your IPs while using your account

Collection of best practices guide to be followed while integrating Reloadly's

API building blocks for your remittance solutions

Using mobile top-ups as an inclusive remittance solution is increasingly popular for money transfer businesses. But this is not the only industry using top-ups to diversify its remittance and payment offerings.

Micropayments for money transfer companies

Using top-ups as remittances enables users to send small payments for low-cost goods and services that would otherwise make no sense sending via traditional remittances. Money transfer companies that integrate Reloadly’s API have generated over 50,000 new transactions per month by offering this remittance solution.

Pandemic and disaster-proof payments

When health crises or natural disasters strike, the forced closure of businesses and physical pickup areas can cut off the oxygen to existing remittance channels. By tapping the completely digital infrastructure used to carry mobile top-up transfers, users can continue to send remittances amid challenging conditions, be it a pandemic or natural disaster.

NGOs and social enterprises

Non-profits, social enterprises, and charitable organizations increasingly utilize airtime and data top-ups as a payments solution. The closest physical pickup location may not be for many kilometers, but tapping the global top-up network allows for instant remittances to anyone that holds a phone.

E-commerce sites

Mobile top-ups can be collected as payments by physical and online stores. All that e-commerce platforms and retail websites need to do is integrate a mobile top-up API or SDK as a payment gateway into their check-out system, and then the business can begin to receive payments made with airtime and data top-ups.

Customize your remittance solution with an intuitive integration

Reloadly’s cloud platform offers a simple solution to complex coding, allowing you to set up an API or widget to broaden your remittance solutions.

By using our SDK, you’ll be able to completely customize a remittance and payment gateway that best fits your business.

Our platform is built by developers for developers and includes the world’s first dedicated coding toolkit for sending mobile phone top-ups as remittances.

If you ever need technical assistance, our support team is ready to respond within a day to your inquiry.

Case studies

WebPresent works with Reloadly to democratize mobile remittances


WebPresent was looking for a solution to further democratize access
to mobile airtime for his growing network in emerging regions.

Their retailers were asking for more digital mobile solutions instead of paper solutions,
so the team had to react and find an airtime solution for both resellers and business clients.


With Reloadly, WebPresent was able to easily integrate an intuitive
Airtime API and plugin. WebPresent began integrating airtime top-up
APIs to create mobile airtime solutions for resellers, and the market
quickly responded back positively.

Today, the company now uses the Reloadly API to address their pure reseller audience,
and the Reloadly Plugin for their web hosting customers, whose main products are not airtime.

Now the airtime widget sits on the site of Lubumbashi Mobile and can be easily activated by a
customer with the click of a button.

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WebPresent is a reseller hosting company based in Quebec, Canada. They needed an airtime API & Widget synced up well with their requirements, in order to offer their customers an effective solution.

“Airtime is the fastest and in demand product for Africa; more than 90% of mobile subscribers are
on prepaid telecom plans. If you sell airtime, you can cross-sell anything else.”

Gérard Saïzonou, General Manager


Airtime API
Reloadly Plugin

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