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At Printzware, we believe that every gift is complete with a card, and there's nothing quite like the joy of receiving a personalized greeting card. Our solution is crafted to add that personal touch to every gift, making special occasions even more memorable.

A Greeting Card Platform for all Retail Environments

Our user-friendly, plug-and-play platform provides customizable greeting card services, ideal for both digital and brick-and-mortar retail environments. Designed for smooth integration with your online presence, it also works well as an autonomous system or as a convenient in-store kiosk, enhancing customer engagement.

Gift Retailers

Online Florists

Hamper & Gift Baskets

Greeting Card Publishers

A Complete Design Solution for Personalized Greeting Cards

Printzware revolutionizes personalized greeting card retail with a dynamic platform offering access to thousands of ready-to-use designs. Retailers, brands, and publishers can effortlessly integrate our extensive portfolio into their offerings or customize the experience by uploading their own unique designs. This seamless blend of convenience and creativity empowers retailers to cater to diverse consumer preferences, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Flexible Printing: In-House or On-Demand with Printzware

In-House printing empowers retailers to take control of the printing processes. Our comprehensive tools and software seamlessly integrate into existing systems, enabling swift, high-quality printing directly at your premises for unparalleled efficiency.

Printzware's Print on Demand greeting card solution streamlines your operations by handling all printing and shipping logistics, ensuring your customers receive top-quality, personalized greeting cards without the need for inventory or equipment investment.

Key Features

Cards Designs

Select from thousands of ready-to-go designs or upload your creations to offer unique, personalized options to your customers.

In-House Print

In-House printing lets retailers manage their printing with our tools for fast, high-quality card prints, adding a personal touch to gifts.

Mobile Ready

Our intuitive interface offers simplicity and ease, perfectly adjusting to match the device in use for an optimal user experience every time.

Live Preview

Our live customization software elevates conversion rates by letting users instantly personalize cards with names or images in real-time.

Card Manager

Easily publish or unpublish cards at a click, allowing you to present options that perfectly align with and enhance your brand's image.

Print On Demand

Our print on demand greeting card service offers fast, top-quality printing in the UK & US, directly shipping to customers for supreme convenience.

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Elevate Your Brand with Printzware's Innovative Greeting Card Solution

Card Designs

Explore our vast collection of designs suitable for all occasions or customize by adding your unique designs to showcase your brand’s personality. Our flexible solutions ensure a perfect match with your brand identity, making your offerings resonate with your audience and stand out in the market.


Boost your brand’s exposure by adding your logo and website to the back of all cards. This smart move turns each card into a mini-ad, subtly promoting your brand with every send. It’s an effective way to increase market visibility, attract new customers, and keep your brand top of mind for repeat business.

Live Preview

Increase your website’s conversion rates with our live personalization software. Let customers customize products in real-time by adding names or images, instantly viewing the final product. This enhances the shopping experience, deepens personal connections, and encourages purchases.


Our cloud-based software simplifies operations by removing server installations and automating updates, keeping your system up-to-date without manual effort. Focus on your core business activities, boosting productivity and driving sustainable growth and innovation.

Benefits of Personalized Greeting Cards

Unlock enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth with the unique appeal of personalized greeting cards.


of consumers will add a card at peak


higher conversion rates.


more likely to make repeat purchases.


increase in average order value.


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