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Elevate your retail experience with our innovative in-store Greeting Card Kiosk solution, designed to revolutionize the greeting card industry. Offering customers access to thousands of customizable greeting card designs, our kiosks allow for on-the-spot personalization and printing, enhancing shopper engagement and satisfaction.

A Greeting Card Kiosk for all Retail Environments

Our versatile in-store Greeting Card Kiosk is the perfect addition to any retail environment, from greeting card retailers and florists to gift shops, tourist attractions, and post offices. Its compact footprint and intuitive design make it an ideal solution for businesses looking to offer something extra to their customers. By providing a unique service that complements your existing offerings, it enhances the customer experience, encouraging repeat visits and driving sales.

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A Flexible Kiosk Solution for Personalized Greeting Cards

Retailers can maximize the potential of Printzware's in-store kiosk by leveraging our extensive portfolio of designs, offering customers a wide range of customizable greeting cards for any occasion. This rich selection caters to diverse customer preferences, ensuring that there's something for everyone. Retailers also have the flexibility to upload their own designs, allowing for a unique customization option that aligns perfectly with their brand identity.

Flexible Hardware Solutions

Our freestanding unit comes complete with a touchscreen and printer, perfect for any retail space. This all-in-one design allows for an intuitive and efficient customer experience, making personalized greeting cards instantly accessible and enhancing in-store engagement effectively.

Our versatile wall-mounted or countertop touchscreens with printers discreetly located behind the counter. This flexible setup is ideal for stores with limited space, ensuring seamless integration into your existing environment while maintaining the charm and functionality of personalized service.

Features & Benefits

White Label

Kiosks can be customised with brand colors and logos, operating seamlessly and effectively under the retailer’s brand identity.

Card Portfolio

The kiosk comes with over 7,000 pre-made designs or Retailers can add their own range of designs to compliment their brand.

In-Store Print

Greeting Card Kiosks are equipped with the first fully contained printer capable of delivering borderless prints, enhancing in-store customisation.

Photo Transfer

Customers can easily transfer their images to the kiosk. Just scan a QR code on screen, choose photos, and send to the kiosk.

Live Preview

Onscreen live preview software elevates conversion rates by letting users instantly personalise cards with names or images in real-time.


In-store on-demand printing significantly reduces waste and environmental impact, promoting a more sustainable business practice.

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Enhance Your Store with Printzware's Greeting Card Kiosk Solution

Card Designs

Explore our vast collection of 7000+ ready-to-go designs suitable for all occasions or customise by adding your unique designs to reflect your brand’s personality. This flexibility ensures a perfect match with your brand identity, allowing the kiosk offering to resonate with your customer base.


Enhance your brand’s visibility with our customisable kiosks, which can be styled with your brand colors and logos. Additionally, you can fully brand the back of all cards. This strategic approach transforms each card into a mini-advertisement, subtly promoting your brand with every transaction.

In-Store Print

Our freestanding kiosks feature the industry’s first fully integrated printer capable of producing high-quality, seamless, advanced borderless prints. This capability greatly enhances in-store greeting card customization options for customers, significantly boosting satisfaction.

Photo Transfer

Printzware’s personalised greeting card kiosk stands alone in the market for its ability to transfer photos directly to card designs without the need to connect cables. Users simply scan the on-screen QR code with a mobile device, select photos, and send them straight to the kiosk for personalisation.

Benefits of In-Store Personalised Greeting Cards

Unlock enhanced customer satisfaction and business growth with the unique appeal of a personalised greeting card kiosk.

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Higher Customer Satisfaction

Transform your Retail Business with a Personalized Greeting Card Kiosk!

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