Demographics for personalized product purchasing

An array of demographic statistics sheds light on the trends surrounding personalized product acquisitions, encompassing items like mugs, t-shirts, and greeting cards. Numerous studies conducted by research firms provide a comprehensive picture of consumer preferences.

Technavio’s research unearthed a noteworthy trend, revealing that women emerge as the primary consumers in the personalized product domain, constituting approximately 60% of the market. Furthermore, this study pinpoints a substantial segment among consumers aged between 25 and 34, representing around 25% of the market.

Grand View Research, in a similar vein, corroborates the prominence of consumers aged 25 to 34, as they account for approximately 30% of personalized gift purchases. Notably, women also dominate this segment, holding around 60% of the market share.

Meanwhile, research by the National Retail Federation underscores the diversified landscape of personalized product purchases. Within the 18 to 34 age bracket, approximately 40% of the market’s activity is concentrated. As for consumers aged between 35 and 54, they claim a significant share, amounting to around 30%. In contrast, consumers aged 55 and older contribute to roughly 15% of the market.

In a nutshell, the majority of personalized product purchases, encompassing items such as mugs, t-shirts, and greeting cards, predominantly feature women and consumers aged 25 to 34. However, it’s essential to recognize that the demographics may fluctuate depending on the specific product or industry and the nature of personalization at hand.