Key Features

Increase conversions with Printzware's live on screen gift personalization platform.

The Printzware solution is the easiest way for you to integrate Personalised products into your website. Choose from our ready to go portfolio of greeting cards, newspaper spoofs and mugs or import your own products using our template creator and designer tool.


We have designed one of the easiest to use template manager’s in the web2print industry. Our user friendly platform enables you to easily specify the product dimensions, set the bleed area and outline the number of pages associated with the product.



Simply create the base design in an Adobe product, export to PDF and upload to the Printzware platform. Our browser based personalisation design tool has full WYSIWYG layout and enables you to add variable data elements such as text and images. 

Publish and Sell

Publish & Sell

Once you've added personalisation elements using our designer tool, you can publish the gift to your website for purchase by consumers. All payments are received directly through your website and depending on the gift type, we'll generate and send you artwork or text data for each purchase.


Template Manager

Easily create new products by simply specifying product parameters and you can even render the product back into a lifestyle shot.

Product Portfolio

You can manage your product portfolio via our control panel and also choose from thousands of Printzware designs.

Printzware Dashboard
Order Manager

Download artwork for each order or have them sent directly to your fulfillment house or dropshipper.

Product Designer 

In a matter of minutes, our powerful designer tool enables you to add variable data to a product such as a name or image.

Product Output

Once an order is received via your website, the Printzware platform will instantly generate print ready artwork. If you assemble and fulfil personalised products at your own warehouse, the artwork can be sent to you directly via email, ftp or Dropbox or alternatively we can send the artwork directly to your outsourced fulfillment house. We can also recommend solutions that enable you to fulfill products from your own location.

Printzware Product Output
Printzware Consumer Experience

Consumer Experience

When launching a product to market, the core focus is to enhance the customer's experience when ordering a gift. With that in mind, we’ve designed an easy to integrate platform that enables you to further improve the User Experience (UX) by enabling live on screen personalisation of the gift. Printzware ensure that all products created and sold using our software is compatible with all devices including mobile, tablets and desktop computers.



The Printzware platform is a complete Software as a Service solution. All updates and upgrades are applied automatically; no intervention is needed from you!

Cloud Hosting

There is no requirement to install our solution on your own server and we enable you to get up and running without any upfront hosting costs.


Communication between our API and your website is encrypted via API Keys and SSL. Absolutely no sensitive data is passed; only the personalisation data for the product itself.

eCommerce Platforms

With more and more consumers purchasing via smartphone and tablets, our plugin is mobile enabled and compatible with all leading eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Prestashop and many more. We can also integrate into your custom built website. 

If you don’t see your eCommerce platform below, please get in touch.